Hotspot Authentication AP

WLAN Controller & Hotspot Gateway

PheeNet’s WLAN Controller / Hotspot Gateway product line consist of…

1)  IEEE802.11ac, 802.11bgn Authentication Access Point supports Captive Portal, OAuth2.0 (FaceBook,    
     Google ID/PW login), Local User Database
, and Remote Radius Server Authentication.

2)  Standalone Internet Wireless Hotspot Gateway focus on providing Internet Guest Wifi Hotspot user authentication,
     authorization, accounting features for Café, Restaurant, Motel where less than 100 concurrent users, which
     support User Authentication methods with Captive Portal, OAuth2.0 (FaceBook, Google ID/PW login), On-
     demand, Pre-Generated / Pre-Paid Ticket, Local User Database, POP3, LDAP,
and Remote Radius    
 Authentication, etc.
3)  Wireless LAN Controller & Hotspot Gateway for Wifi or Wired Hotspot user authentication, authorization,
     accounting features, and Access Point Management for up to 500 concurrent users, and 120 Access Point, like
     Campus, Hotel, Public Places, etc.  Any type of wireless access point can be connected to the WLAN Controller &
     Hotspot Gateway and provide managed WiFi Internet for laptops, netbooks, smart phones and any WiFi enabled

4)  Cloud Management for distributed scenario of Wireless LAN Controller & Hotspot Gateway, Internet Wireless
      Hotspot Gatewayand Authentication Access Point.

  WLAN Controller & Hotspot Gateway      Applications/Scenario/Case Study